Medical and other



 Titanium application in surgical operation is also very fascinating. The “Artificial Skeleton” made of titanium is like real bones linked with blood and flesh to play an important role in support and consolidation, so titanium has been praised as “pro-bio-metal”. Now, it has been applied to knee joints, shoulder joints, rib joints, skull and active heart valve holder, etc.

 The application of titanium in the power sector has been gradually expanded. According to China’s nuclear power program, in 2020 nuclear power will account for 4% of total power generation. Currently, it only accounts for 1%, which means that 3-4 1000MW nuclear power stations will be increased each year. The condenser of nuclear power plants requires “Full Titanium”. The imported welded titanium tubes for nuclear power were 1800-2000 tons in 2007 and reached 3322 tons in 2008. The demand of titanium in the next few years will be increased year by year.

 Titanium in the construction field has opened up a new space for development. Besides application in roofs, titanium alloy is also used in anti-corrosion coating of outer walls, curtain walls, verge boards, ceiling, harbor facilities, bridges and under-marine tunnels, etc.
With the development of titanium processing industry, titanium and titanium alloy products have been integrated into our daily lives, such as jewelry, sports equipment, utensils, and recreational supplies.