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ATI expected that unprecedented aircraft engines productivity will drive the titanium demand

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    American titanium and supper alloys manufacturer ATI issued a news on the web site recently,Specialty metals and alloys manufacturers expect the next few years, unprecedented productivity in aircraft engines”. This year, commercial aircraft engine production will reach a record 2,500 sets, a growth up to 4% compared with 2010. But in 2013 is expected to produce 3000 sets, and an increase of 20%.2015 is expected to reach 3300 sets. ATI said that the current number of engines in service more than 50,000 sets, in addition to this, there is more demand. In 2015 the figure will reach 58,000. This will ensure the sustained and strong demand for the titanium and special super-alloy components. In contrast, based on the published information, five years ago in 2006,the total sets of commercial aircraft engines is 44,000, only 2,000 new production engines. 2010, 968 commercial aircraft deliveries, including 777 for the single-channel aircrafts , 191 (19.7%) of dual-channel large aircrafts. In 2013, delivered quantity to rise to 1290 frame, of which 354 (27.4%) for a dual channel aircrafts.

    Delivery of large-scale high-density titanium alloy aircraft, including Boeing 787,777 and 747-B, and the Airbus A380 and A350XEB.All new large aircraft engines will be installed. Titanium alloys and nickel super alloys takes 95% in the new generation of commercial aircraft engines.

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