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Participates in 2012 Western China International New Material (metal and composite materials) Industry Exhibition

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From August 30th to September 1st, to promote the company's corporate reputation in the military field, make a propaganda for corporate image, introduce the company's products, and get to know more potential customers in military field, expand sales of the products in the field of aerospace and military industry, , Ms. Li Wei, the company’s general manager assistant led the team of the group's development department and company’s sales development staff on behalf of the company participate in China Eurasia combining Military and Civilian Technology Industry Expo and the China Eurasia International strategic emerging industries Expo (referred to the Eurasian the Military Expo Conference and New Expo Conference) held in Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Expo guided by the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau, Shan’xi Provincial People's Government , co-hosted by China association for peaceful use of military technology , the National Defense Science and Technology Information Center of the Industrial Development Bureau, Xi'an Municipal People's Government, the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and other units, and jointly assisted by 11 national military industrial groups, and 29 district, municipal, provincial State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry and relevant government departments in shan’xi province.

There are five theme areas in 2012 Eurasian the Military Expo Conference and New Expo Conference, Civil-Military Integration Pavilion, Emerging Industry Pavilion, New Energy Industry Pavilion, Electronic Industry Pavilion, Military Industry Pavilion, the total exhibition area of ​​60,000 square meters. Participants including professional Exhibitors form machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, railway locomotive, water conservancy and electric power, shipping/container, aerospace, military defense, scientific research institutions. The visitors reach about 3000 person- time.

Our company builds a blue ring open architecture exhibition hall with a blue mass-tone design, echoes the concept of company to build a first-class aviation titanium alloy base. Large picture poster for company profile, film of main equipment and its description on the wall and orderly placed product sample such as titanium disk and bar, create a decent design which leave a deep impression to guests.

This exhibition is highly targeted; the visiting representatives are relevant to our industry. More than 100 enterprises’ representatives exchanged business cards and briefed each other basic information.

The exhibition fully shows the company's overall image and strength, and expands corporate popularity in the field of military aviation, broadens the cooperation channels, carries out a wide range of communication with a number of aviation, military industry enterprise representatives and industry professionals, gets to know numerous potential customers, learns new demands and movements of the market, lays a good foundation for subsequent market exploitation and sales.

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