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Professor Reiner Kopp form German Company LASSO ME and Professor Lu Shouli form Beijing Technology University visit our company for technical cooperation and exchanges

Number of visits: Date:2013年3月1日 15:24


On December 5th, Professor Reiner Kopp form German Company LASSO ME and Professor Lu shouli form Beijing Technology University visited our company and carried out technical cooperation and exchanges. Professor Kopp visited melting, forging and bar and wire branch workshop accompanied by company’s general manager Mr. Li Xinluo, deputy general manager Mr. Liu Jianhui and other main leaders. During the visiting, Professor Kopp listened to detailed introduction for company’s main equipment and production process form chief engineer Mr. Yang Sheng, and watched TC17 large size bar forging situation with great interest.

After visit, Professor Kopp and his group along with all the accompanying staff carried out technical exchanges in company’s meeting room, chief expert Professor Tang Renbo, and other factory technicians participated in the meeting. At the meeting, on behalf of the company general manager Mr. Li Xinluo expressed a warm welcome to their visits and detailed expounded company’s scale of investment, personnel structure, strategy cooperation and overall plan.

Professor Kopp gave a depth explanation of computer simulation technology and analog optimization techniques on metal plastic forming.

Along with main leaders and technicians Professor Kopp held discussion at Cohere Hotel where Professor Kopp staying, at the meeting Professor kopp answered all the questions raised by technicians.

 During his visit, Professor Kopp was deeply impressed by company’s equipment level and comprehensive strength, and fully confident about future cooperation. He said he will actively carry out work on future cooperation project as well as the issues involved in this technical exchange.

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