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The Boeing Company U.S. headquarter Senior Material Expert Dr. Dan Sanders and Boeing Beijing Technology Center Dr. Guo Hepin and their party to visit our company

Number of visits: Date:2013年4月2日 15:32


In the morning of December, 1st, the Boeing Company U.S. headquarter senior material expert Dr. Dan Sanders and Boeing Beijing Technology Center Dr. Guo Hepin accompanied by Hunan Xiangtou Goldsky Group Chairman of the board to our company to make an on-the-sport investigation and carry out friendly exchanges.

Dr. Dan Sanders and his group first visited melting, forging and bar and wire workshop, watch production of each process, understood the manufacturing process and product scope in detail, and inquired the titanium and titanium alloy finished product and forging billet for aerospace usage in particularly.

      After visit, Dr. Dan Sanders and his group along with all the accompanying staff held talks in the company’s meeting room on the second floor. At the meeting, Mr. Zhou hui, Hunan Xiangtou Goldsky Group Chairman of the board extended a warm welcome to their visits and detailed expounded the "three titanium" project construction scale and its future development direction, meanwhile expressed the hope to establish cooperative relations with the Boeing company. The chief engineer, Mr. Yang Sheng presented a detailed introduction of the company’s construction scale, production, development strategies, particularly in the new product research and development condition for aviation titanium alloy forgings. Both sides exchanged views on company’s future planning, product categories and discussed new products’ mechanical properties and microstructures in detail.

      This American Boeing company experts visiting, not only lays the solid foundation for mutual business cooperation, and also marks the company’s continuously improving influence in the international famous aviation enterprises and an important step in the international aerospace titanium and titanium alloy application field.

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